Below are conversations Ive hosted for Bloggingheads and its sister site MeaningOfLife:

Arabelle Raphael (the changing economy of porn and sex work)

Jemar Tisby (race and evangelicalism in the Deep South)

Natalie Wynn, aka ContraPoints (transgender identity, the autogynephilia theory, and New Atheism)

David Austin Walsh (George Wallace and William F. Buckley, Jr.)

Elizabeth Catte (Appalachia and public history)

Edward H. Miller (Cold War culture and JFK assassination conspiracy theories)

Benjamin E. Park (Mormonism and the LDS leadership)

Kate Lister (sex work, digital history, and Whores of Yore)

Jorge Juan Rodriguez V (religion and politics in Puerto Rico)

Aryeh Cohen-Wade (Civil War memory and counterfactuals)