I’m the one wearing glasses.

Hello. I’m a historian of American religion and culture with a special focus on the Civil War era. In addition to researching and teaching, I enjoy writing historically-informed journalism for the wider public. I am a PhD candidate at Rice University and currently live in the Memphis area.

For stuff I’ve written, go here. My CV is here. And here is a recent conversation I had on Bloggingheads about Civil War memory and Civil War counterfactuals.

I’m writing my dissertation on the Cumberland Presbyterians, the largest Protestant church not to split along North–South lines during the Civil War era; for more than on that, go here.

If you want to peep at the US History Since 1877 class I’m teaching at the University of Memphis, go here.

Feel free to email me at wrb2@rice.edu. I also tweet @williamrblack.